When last we left Rupert Murdoch, he was tweeting wrong, bigoted things about Egyptians. Now, he is tweeting wrong, bigoted things about Muslims! ("Moslems," actually.) The world is just so full of things to be wrong about. Thankfully though, J.K. Rowling has stepped in to restore balance.

On Friday, Murdoch went on a tear:

Moslems? Moslems. Also: "Big jihadist danger." Big!

Still, as idiotic as Murdoch's position is, it's still not as fringe a perspective as it deserves to be. Indeed, it seems to be the default view of cranky old white men across the (ostensibly vast) political spectrum! Funny how that happens.

Anyway, J.K. Rowling stepped in this morning to turn that argument on its head.


[Photo credit: AP Images]