We can finally declare the first meme of the year: Selfie Olympics aka extreme selfies aka #And1SelfieLeague, in which kids take increasingly absurd bathroom selfies. If you're anti-selfie culture, avert your eyes.

The "rules" of Selfie Olympics — as documented by @SelfieOlympics — are simple: you must be inside a bathroom (well, sort of) and you must use some sort of prop. Above you see a safari selfie, and other recent entrants include a replica of Foot Locker, a funeral, a dude with his head in a fish tank, a dude with his head in the toilet (who knows), and Big Sean playing Pacman in his bathroom. Maybe if someone locks the door he'll never rap again.

But easily the best part of Selfie Olympics is that it's not built on white people bastardizing black culture for giggles. I now leave you with Selfieception.