A New York commuter is alive today after climbing off of the subway tracks just before an incoming 6 train would have struck and smashed him. No thanks to anyone but himself.

Usually, the designation of "Subway Hero" is reserved for those brave souls who risk life and limb by selflessly climbing onto the subway tracks to help rescue a passenger who has fallen down there. Today, we have a new wrinkle: we must award The Hallowed Order of New York City Subway Hero medal (imaginary) to Unidentified Man, the guy who accidentally fell onto the tracks at the 86th Street station during yesterday's rush hour commute. As the New York Post reports, this dazed and bloodied victim—in full view of dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of fellow commuters—"actually got up and had the wherewithal to get off the tracks. He got back up really quickly."

This self-hero rescued himself, and we congratulate him for it.

Lest you think that, in contrast to the actions of subway heroes of the past, the commuters on that 6 train platform did nothing to distinguish themselves in this time of danger, you would be so very wrong. Many of them were reportedly "waving [their] hands at the train, motioning him to stop." Later—after the bloodied victim had dragged himself to safety—other selfless bystanders reportedly "placed a cushion" under his traumatized head.

Never let it be said that our city is not positively infested with subway heroes. It was a team effort.

[No way in hell I'm jumping on the tracks for anyone. Photo: Flickr]