According to a report released earlier today by the Department of Homeland Security, the alarm at former President George H.W. Bush’s Houston home was broken for over a year before the Secret Service got around to replacing it—despite them knowing about the faulty system for a full eight months.

The broken alarm was first noticed back in September of 2013, but—for whatever reason—the Secret Service decided to rely on “roving patrols and cameras” for eight months before installing a temporary alarm in April of 2014. Because that’s always worked so well in the past.

And that’s not all. From the AP:

According to Roth’s report, the Secret Service determined in 2010 that the home alarm installed in 1993 had exceeded its life cycle and requested a replacement, but the request was denied in August 2011. Limited upgrades were later made to the system, which ultimately failed by September 2013.

Despite all this, the former President appears to be standing by his sworn protectors.

Which, as recent history tells us, is generally one of the worst decisions you can make. [AP]

Image via AP.

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