Last week, the Cannes Film Festival was the site of several movie-worthy crimes of its own, as both a a million dollar jewel heist and a shooting caught on camera reportedly took place on the same day. And on Sunday, news broke that another high-profile burglary hit the French Riviera during the prestigious festival.

The rented apartment of China Film Group vice president Zhang Qiang was reportedly ransacked on Wednesday. According to Zhang, who announced the robbery on Weibo (a Chinese social networking tool similar to Twitter), the thieves made off with all of his possessions, including his luggage and travel documents.

Zhang wrote (Weibo'd?) that the experience not only ruined his trip – “This film festival is not worth mentioning” – but that it also confirmed his suspicions about the French. “Security in France is so bad, and the [people] are so arrogant,” he wrote.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Zhang's tweet/Weibo struck a chord with Francophobic Chinese travelers:

Zhang’s post was widely retweeted by Chinese film fans, with many weighing in to respond with their own travel horror stories and experiences with “impolite” French people in the past.

Eventually, French authorities, officials from the film festival, and even staff from the hotel contacted Zhang to apologize. And the whole incident apparently taught Zhang a lesson about the power of social media.

“We can see how China’s Weibo service now has influence outside the country,” [Zhang] added. “I’d like to remind compatriots to take note of how to protect their own rights when travelling abroad for business and leisure.”

[Hollywood Reporter/Image via Getty]

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