According to reports from KSMP-TV in Minneapolis and Fox News, a second American man has died fighting for ISIS in Syria. Abdirahmaan Muhumed, 29, was reportedly killed in the same battle as American ISIS fighter Douglas McAuthur McCain. U.S. officials haven't publicly confirmed Muhumed's death, but they reportedly contacted his family.

Muhumed, a father of nine, was profiled by Minnesota Public Radio earlier this summer. He was part of the Twin Cities' Somali-American population that ISIS has been recruiting fighters (and brides) from. Muhumed's friend, Abdinasir Mohamed, told MPR that Muhumed's move towards extremism was "very unpredictable." He continued,

It was really hard for me to believe because the guy seemed he was busy with his own life, trying to make it. And [for] him to leave his family and kids, and just go to the other side of the world, that was really surprising to me. I've not really expected him to do that type of move.

[Image via Facebook]