A Seattle man who attempted to rob passengers aboard a city bus didn't get very far before he was jumped by several riders, overpowered, and disarmed.

Footage from the November 25 incident shows the 19-year-old suspect, identified as Trevonnte Brown, entering a West Seattle-bound Metro bus and proceeding to hold up the first two riders.

However, after managing to swipe a couple of cellphones, the gunman got a bit cocky, and advanced toward the front of the bus, where he shoved his gun in another passenger's face.

That passenger immediately lunged at the robber, and was soon joined by several other passengers, including the man's first victim who helped hold him down.

Brown was subsequently arrested and charged with three counts of robbery and one count of attempted robbery. If convicted, he faces 15 years or more behind bars.

[H/T: HyperVocal]