Former Dancing With the Stars contestant Sean Avery was reportedly arrested last week in the Hamptons after he allegedly committed an act of criminal mischief and doubled down with an additional possession of narcotics charge.

According to the Southampton Press, Avery’s troubles began when cops pulled him over regarding some sort of complaint that he’d been throwing things at passing cars. But Avery also allegedly had some pills on him. The details:

Police said the criminal mischief charge involved an incident the day before, when Mr. Avery allegedly threw objects at passing vehicles. Police could not specify where that incident took place, but on Monday, police radio transmissions indicated that Mr. Avery had contacted authorities about speeding cars on David Whites Lane.

Additionally, during the traffic stop, Mr. Avery was found to be in possession of two prescription drugs, acetaminophen with oxycodone and roxicodone.

Avery was freed on a $500 bail, which is probably good since he’s set to get married this weekend. He’s facing up to a year in jail and/or a fine for each of the charges, which is to say it’s probably the best opportunity you’ll ever have to make a wedding toast about love being the true prison.

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