There are plenty of reasons to live in California (it's warm) and there are plenty reasons to not. For instance, you might get run over by a car and fined for it. Or you might feel as if you're constantly being assaulted by tear gas because you live next to a sriracha plant. Or, even worse, you might pay millions of dollars for a home only to inhale the fumes of sea lion shit.

The latter applies to the fine and wealthy citizens of La Jolla, Calif., a suburban pocket of San Diego that lies right on the Pacific coastline. Today, a lawsuit was filed against the city of San Diego and its interim mayor Todd Gloria by a group called Citizens For Odor Nuisance Abatement. The group is demanding that the city clean up the rocks in La Jolla Cove because sea lion shit has built up to the point that it's infecting the air.

The lawsuit alleges that the city illegally erected a fence in front of the rocks at La Jolla Cove thus allowing sea lions and birds to roam free and shit everywhere. The plaintiffs are asking a judge to force the city to remove the fence and clean up the shit, neither of which seems unreasonable at all.

Of course, worse fates can befall a resident of La Jolla. Say, you could be Mitt Romney's neighbor as he tears down and quadruples the size of his family's beachside mansion. Which of those two scenarios is the most, to put it in the lawsuit's language, "foul, noxious and sickening?"