Greg Kelly, son of former NYPD police chief Ray Kelly, proved what a dirtbag he is on Thursday when, as FOX reporter Anna Gilligan rode a zip-line at a new water park in New Jersey, Kelly couldn't keep his comments about Gilligan's body to himself.

"In a two-piece!" Kelly begins as Gilligan takes off her cover-up to get on the zip-line. "Like a movie!" he then exclaims.

"First of all, nice bathing suit," is the first thing Kelly utters to Gilligan as she is given her earpiece and a microphone after emerging from the pool. You can hear his co-anchor Rosanna Scotto attempt to cut him off. "Stay appropriate," she says.

When Gilligan keeps things professional, sharing the other activities she'll be participating in at New Jersey's Action Park, she remarks that she first must go put some clothes on.

"Not so fast!" Kelly responds. When Kelly tries to stall Gilligan from getting dressed, the savvy cameraman turns the camera back onto the pool and away from the female reporter. "Oh, wait a second!" he says, looking disappointed.

In a particularly disgusting ending moment, Kelly says to his co-anchor Scotto "Oh, relax" after she rightfully demands, "What is wrong with you?"

To end the whole shitshow, Kelly swats at Scotto: "Don't be so frowning at me!"

As the Daily Intelligencer notes, "In 2012, a woman accused Kelly of raping her when she was drunk, though the Manhattan D.A. ultimately decided not to press charges against him."

[h/t The Daily Intelligencer]