A technology teacher in Scotland has been "struck off" (read: fired) from his job at Ardrossan Academy in Ayrshire after it came out that he had been using foul language and frankly genius insults to agitate his students. In one instance—among many beautiful others—he told a student, "Shut up, I shagged your maw."

Michael Rankin, 54, built up a reputation for being a rudeboy to his pupils—some who were as young as 12 and 13—all through 2013. Rankin was brought before the General Teaching Council for Scotland in order for him to defend his inappropriate conduct. The hearing determined that Rankin, who called his students wankers, bastards, fucking idiots, and told them they were "shit at football," will be not be able to re-register as a teacher. What a bleeding shame.

Rankin's charge sheet (which I'd like decoupaged to the surface of my tombstone) is here, featuring the teacher allegedly telling his students "shut up you wee assholes" and referring to a certain student as Shrek.

[Image via STV News]