The average rent here in Brooklyn is over $3,000 a month. In New York City, where humans cannot afford to live, the average apartment sells for more than $1.4 million. You fools. You could have a Braveheart castle for that price!

The Wall Street Journal reports that there has never been a better time to buy a huge country estate way the hell out in Loch Nowhere, Scotland, except perhaps during the years when you could have purchased these castles for a large quantity of hay. Still, just look at these prices! Every castle must go!

A fantasy highland home—whether it be a full-scale castle, a sporting estate or a historic country house—is becoming an increasingly appealing addition to the property portfolios of the superrich... According to data from estate agent Savills, the average price paid in 2007 for a prime country house was $1.856 million. Today, prices are struggling to return to that high point, standing at $1.127 million.

That's right: you can buy your "fantasy highland home" for less than you would pay for a one bedroom in Murray Hill. Sure, a full-on castle with the turrets and catapults and whatnot might run a little higher, but it's still a deal. The ceaseless grey skies and depression come free!

[WSJ. Photo: Flickr]