A heat wave with temperatures rising well over 100 degrees in Karachi, Pakistan, has left nearly 900 people dead as of Thursday, the Associated Press reports.

The heat wave struck southern Pakistan last weekend, resulting in at least 860 confirmed deaths, health officials said. The AP reports that people were being admitted to hospitals for heat stroke in smaller numbers on Thursday after temperatures dropped to 93.2, down from a high of 113 on Sunday. From the AP:

The heat wave was the worst seen in the city since 1979, officials said, and came as Muslims were fasting from dawn to dusk for the holy month of Ramadan.

The drinking of even a single drop of water invalidates the fast, but Muslims are also encouraged not to fast if they are sick or if doing so would cause serious physical harm.

Pakistan’s heatwave follows that of neighboring India’s, where at least 2,230 people were killed as the result of 118-degree days.

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