If you've ever been around women, you've probably heard them exclaim, "Oh! My back!" while grabbing their backs (which they just injured). Science has, at long last, explained why women are always like, "Oh! My back!"

The answer, according to a Wall Street Journal report today: Women suck at lifting things. Do not blame "the media" for this one, ladies—this one comes straight from the land of A Real Live Scientific Journal, which published the results of a study in which scientists observed both men and women lifting things, in order to find out what is wrong with women.

One important difference was the way men and women coordinated their joint movements—including knee, hip and lower back—when lifting an object from a low height. Women tended to move each joint separately, one after the other, which put most of the stress on the lower spine, the researchers said. The men, particularly those with lifting experience, moved their joints almost in unison, which is safer for the back.

Stop moving your joints separately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then right here would be an "ironic" sexist joke, like, eh.... women... stick to pullups. Ehhh.

[Photo: Flickr]