A janitor at a middle school in the Murray Hill neighborhood of New York was caught on the roof of the school masturbating to the view of a neighboring building where women were getting dressed in the morning. The New York Post photographed the man early Tuesday morning.

According to residents in the apartment building, the school janitor has been at it for at least two weeks, at one point for a six-day stretch. Though, according to a police source, looking into people's windows is only a crime if the offender is doing so with binoculars or cameras, the New York Post reports.

Via the New York Post:

On Tuesday, a Post reporter saw the man climb a ladder to the roof at 7:20 a.m. and hang out until well after 9 a.m. — enjoying the view while making sure nobody was watching. At one point, he settled into the corner of the building, which allows the best view of the nearby apartment building. The silhouette of a woman could be seen through a window.

The creep removed his work gloves and spent the next eight minutes masturbating while leering across the way.

Neighbors in the apartment building caught the janitor during his acts and the department of education is now looking into their reports.

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