After a Pennsylvania woman's Facebook post threatening to shoot Mike Brown protestors went viral this week, its apparent author had a simple explanation: my kid did it!

On Sunday, demonstrators staged a "die-in" outside Lincoln Financial Field to protest the police killings of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, prompting high school guidance counselor MaryKate Blankenburg to write, "If my child cannot get to the Eagles game due to protesters, I will personally SHOOT every one of them. You've been warned idiots!!"

Predictably, an online campaign to get her fired from her job at Central Bucks High School West quickly developed.

But according to The Morning Call, Blankenburg explained to reporters that while she was teaching Sunday school "my child might have gotten hold of my iPad" and made the post.

Unfortunately for her, the counselor's employers were less than convinced. On Tuesday, the Central Bucks School District announced Blankenburg had been placed on administrative leave while they investigate the message.

[Image via Twitter]