This morning the Supreme Court declined to hear a case about religious freedom brought by a Wisconsin school district that wanted to hold its graduation ceremonies in a church and got slapped down by the Seventh Circuit. Scalia dissented, indulging in a bit of the old "music criticism" along the way.

Some there are — many perhaps — who are offended by public displays of religion. Religion, they believe, is a personal matter; if it must be given external manifestation, that should not occur in public places where others may be offended. I can understand that attitude: It parallels my own toward the playing in public of rock music or Stravinsky. And I too am especially annoyed when the intrusion upon my inner peace occurs while I am part of a captive audience, as on a municipal bus or in the waiting room of a public agency.

That's some Yoda syntax right there, so let's emulate it: some there are — many, perhaps — who think inept, reality-denying analogy this is.

Also, "rock music"? Is this The Wonder Years?

This post originally stated that the school district in question was in Milwaukee, when in fact it was in Waukesha. Gawker regrets the error.

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