Screencap: CNN

In an interview conducted shortly after his appearance on CNN Wednesday night, Donald Trump’s special counsel Michael Cohen explained his apparent distrust of all the polls, citing anecdotal evidence that challenged the candidate’s surveyed unfavorability among black voters.

“When they say that Donald Trump has a 1 percent favorability amongst the African-American community, I know from my own interactions that that number is absolutely and unequivocally inaccurate,” Cohen told Yahoo News. “I speak on a weekly basis to more than 100 African-American Evangelical preachers who are all committed to ensuring Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States.”

In the same interview, Cohen bragged about “unraveling” anchor Brianna Keilar and claimed he “controlled the interview.”

“I was shocked at the length of the silence as she stumbled to think of an answer,” said Cohen. “And when she did come up with an answer, it was so generic it could have applied to anything.”

Asked for comment, Keilar requested Yahoo News “just embed the video.”