Several football coaches at Sayreville War Memorial High School in N.J. have been suspended with pay in response to a sexual assault hazing scandal that was unveiled in the beginning of October. Many of the coaches were also teachers at the high school.

According to ABC News, five of the teachers were tenured, and head football coach George Najjar was among the suspended. Seven players on the team have also been charged with sex crimes.

Via ABC News:

Several of the seven football players at the school accused in the hazing scandal appeared in court Tuesday, the beginning of legal proceedings as investigators try to determine the depths of the alleged abuse.

Seven players — ranging in age from 15 to 17 — face charges stemming from the alleged hazing. Three students face sex-crime various charges, and others face charges including aggravated sexual assault to conspiracy and criminal restraint.

The hazing scandal has brought on the cancellation of the football season in addition to inciting rallies in the town taking an anti-bullying stance.

[Image via AP]