Professional pornographer Dustin Diamond, formerly known as Screech on Saved By the Bell, is on trial for stabbing a guy at a bar last fall. And earlier that night, cops say, the actor also threatened to stab a different guy who dared to reject Diamond's lame attempt to "ice" him with a bottle of Smirnoff.

It's unclear if Diamond's threat was related to the rejection, or whether it was an attempt to keep the man from talking publicly about Diamond's embarrassing compulsion to act like a high school senior with a fake ID in 2010.

[For those unfamiliar, Smirnoff Icing is a "game" popular with idiots wherein one forces a bottle of Smirnoff Ice on an unsuspecting victim and then demands they chug it forthwith.]

Apparently both the bartender and video from the bar confirm that Diamond grew agitated when the victims rejected Diamond's loser overtures. Via the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

According to Gerol's motion, Paul Rogers and his brothers were watching a basketball game at The Patio Bar & Grill on Dec. 25 when Diamond, 37, came up to one of the brothers with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and announced, "You've been iced. Get on your knees and drink this."

The man declined but Diamond persisted, until Rogers told him to back off.

A few minutes later, according to Rogers, [Diamond's fiancée] approached his brother and said, "Just drink it."

Again the man refused, allegedly prompting Diamond to walk to the middle of the bar and say words to the effect of, "Don't make me stab someone on Christmas." Rogers says he and his brothers thought Diamond had a knife, though they did not see one. They decided to leave the bar.

It's unclear, however, whether the testimony will actually be admitted into evidence at Diamond's trial—his lawyers claim the earlier argument was irrelevant as to his intent to stab the victim that night. "It is human nature to assign weight to situations that, at first glance, seem like a pattern," his lawyers argue, somewhat valiantly.

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