Tomorrow night Saturday Night Live returns for its 41st season. But there’s a whole lot of drama brewing around an arguably comedic television show—and frankly, Lorne Michaels’ questionable choices are making a lot of viewers downright sick to their stomachs.

I’m talking, of course, about a little lady called Miley Cyrus, who’s set to host the season’s opener—much to the chagrin of the show’s Instagram followers. For the show’s Instagram account—once a safe space to scroll through pictures of Aidy Bryant goofin’ off—has become a ground zero for hilariously enraged viewers who, unlike you, remember when SNL used to be good.

A strange reaction, the casual observer might think, to a television show that features approximately 20 famous people, ranging from who? to meh each season. But there’s nothing America likes more than arguing on the internet, and this week the internet’s wearing her nipple pastys out in public.

JerryM doesn’t even watch SNL anymore. He gave up on Weekend Update when “Party in the USA” was released.

jjbarney91 wanted nothing more than to stay at home tomorrow night, put on his Nike slides, and slip into an hour and a half of laughs.

That’s nothing compared to deedee_gee, who actually just barfed when she found out the news. She saw a photo of Miley Cyrus standing next to Taran Killam and just ralphed all over her outfit.

celticscorp is passing on this first episode and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this won’t affect the ratings.

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