Malaysian officials announced on Wednesday that French satellites have captured images of at least 122 "potential objects" from Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean. The possible debris, spotted over 154 square miles, ranges in length from three to 72 feet.

"Some of the objects appeared to be bright, possibly indicating solid materials," Malaysia's acting transport minister Hishamuddin Hussein said at a press conference Wednesday, though he cautioned the debris might not be from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. "It must be emphasized that we cannot tell whether the potential objects are from MH370. Nevertheless, this is another new lead that will help direct the search operation."

Earlier Wednesday, Australian pilots spotted debris in the same search area, though when they returned the debris was gone.

Six countries—Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Japan, China, and South Korea—remain involved in the search process, which is focusing on an aren about 1,500 miles southwest of Perth, Australia.

Meanwhile, RibbeckLaw Chartered, a law firm representing some of the flight's passengers, has initiated a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Malaysia Airlines and Boeing.