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Alaskan Chik-fil-A customer and former major party vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tells the liberal media today that she's a proud attendee of "a Bible-believin' church, up there in Wah-silla." She's saying some god stuff on the teevee!

Today Sarah Palin sits in a chair and talks Jesus stuff with CNN's Jake Tapper. So excited! Great hair! Praise Him!

Sarah Palin says, "I remember calling out to god and saying, 'I believe you.'" Powerful moment! Born anew! The St. Augustine of our day (is Sarah Palin)!

Sarah Palin says, "So often, I find myself on my knees, calling out to god for assistance." Won't make a crude joke here! Submit to His will! Humility is strength!

Sarah Palin has something to say about this new Pope she heard about on the teevee. "He's had some statements that to me seemed kinda liberal? It has taken me aback. It kinda surprised me." God's emissary! Revelations! Sell it all! Conservative Jesus!

We are just so happy that Sarah Palin is back and talkin' Jesus. Never stop talkin', Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin 2016 (fingers crossed)!