America adores Sandra Bullock. No matter how many bombs she lobs at our box offices, no matter how many hitchhikers she drops bloodied and bruised on our dusty country roads, no matter how many Canadian dimes she plops in our tip jars, America adores her. For her next trick, Sandra Bullock will be get drunk and scream at a 9-year-old orphan that nobody loves her. America's going to adore it.

The Wrap reports that Bullock has just rejoined (previously stalled) talks to portray orphanage proprietress Miss Hannigan in Jay-Z and Will Smith's upcoming adaptation of Annie, a musical about a billionaire industrialist who hallucinates his home is haunted by a terrifying girl-spirit with moonstone eyes.

Quvenzhané Wallis has already signed on to play the titular Annie, a role Will Smith recently revealed was intended to go to his daughter Willow, before she decided she didn't want it.

Jamie Foxx is on board to play New York City mayoral candidate Benjamin Stacks, a variation on the classic Daddy Warbucks character who hopefully will not send any dick pics to anyone (except his lovely assistant Grace Farrell).

The film is expected to hit theaters in December 2014.

[The Wrap // Image via Getty]

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