Perhaps inspired by the recent nationwide subway poop crime spree, San Francisco officials are finally able to ban passengers who use the city's subway trains as public bathrooms.

Assembly Bill 716, which was passed last year and went into effect Monday, gives BART employees the power to ban passengers who urinate, defecate or otherwise commit illegal acts while commuting. For lesser offenses – like, as San Francisco Weekly notes, shitting on an escalator – might earn you just a citation, one of three you can receive in 90 days before you're barred from the train.

Your more serious offenses –your stabbings, your robberies, your mid-train masturbating – will now get you banned on the spot. Those bans can last between 90 days to one year, depending on the severity of the crime.

The ability to ban repeating subway shitters won't just make Bay area commutes more sanitary and pleasant in general; it could also save lives.

[Image via AP]