Following sexual harassment accusations from seven different women, Bob Filner, San Diego mayor and a horrible apparition from the "Black Hole Sun Video," said in a press conference today that he will take two weeks off to enter an "intensive therapy" program to try and become a better man and mayor.

In his brief statement, Filner, who is a former 10-term congressman, said his "failure to respect women" is unacceptable and "words are not enough," which is why he's decided to enter treatment on August 5. Filner also said he will receive pertinent briefs about San Diego city news while in therapy, which seems to suggest that he is still ignoring calls for his resignation. Most recently, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, said the accusations leveled at Filner are "reprehensible," adding that he should step down.

Filner's troubles began two weeks ago, when three of his former political allies told the press they'd heard troubling stories about the mayor's conduct with female staff members. Since then, several women have come forward to say Filner has harassed them over the years, allegedly doing everything from patting their butts to putting them in the "Filner headlock." That's when Filner would supposedly "place his arm around her neck and drag her around 'like a rag doll, while he whispered sexual comments' into her ear." Fun guy.