NBC San Diego is reporting that Mayor Bob Filner, (alleged) serial sexual harasser, will resign tomorrow.

Filner's intent to resign comes after 18 different women accused the city official of sexual harassment, including the nurse of a disabled Iraq vet, a great-grandmother, and a female staffer whom Filner allegedly told in an elevator "that women employees would do better 'if they worked without their panties on.'"

This is also after Filner's lawyer Harvey Berger sent a letter to San Diego's City Attorney insisting that his totally innocent client didn't know that suggesting women would perform better with naked vajayays could at all possibly be construed as sexual harassment. Why? Because he never got the state-required sexual harassment training. If only he'd been asked to read that paperwork, he would've understood the government-upheld rules of human decency. If only.

Goodbye, Bob. You will not be missed.

[NBC San Diego // AP Photo/Gregory Bull]