After Univision ended its relationship with “verbal billionaire” and permanently open mouth Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Organization this week over Trump’s stance against Mexican immigration, the Donald fired back with an angry letter stating that oh yeah well you guys aren’t allowed on my golf course anymore. So there.

The angry man with the stubby little fingers posted his letter to Univision CEO Randy Falco on Instagram, so America’s voters can see exactly how he handles foreign policy in that one dream he keeps having where he’s elected president:

“A meaningful border [between the U.S. and Mexico] will be immediately created, not the laughingstock that currently exist,” Trump crows in a P.S. (He is an expert on laughingstocks.)

Trump also wants a meaningful border between his Trump Doral golf course in Miami and the Univision offices next door, banning all Univision employees from the property and demanding that Univision “close the gate which is being constructed between our respective properties.”

Earlier, Trump had posted a handwritten interview request from Univision’s Jorge Ramos, ostensibly as evidence that Univision still needs Trump. He didn’t bother to redact Ramos’s phone number, though: a dick-waving move that’s actually against Instagram’s terms of service. Six hours after it was first posted, the photo remains up.

Trump’s stake in the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA pageants—which he co-owns with NBC—is valued at $14 million by Donald Trump and $0 by Forbes, which finds it “of negligible value.”

Trump has threatened to sue Univision for defaulting on a contract he says is worth $13.5 million.

[h/t THR, Photo: AP Images]