A man who went missing more than two months ago was rescued by the Coast Guard, which apparently found him Thursday, floating on the overturned hull of his destroyed boat hundreds of miles off the coast of North Carolina.

A Coast Guard spokesperson tells the AP a German tanker spotted the debris and alerted authorities.

The sailor, 37-year-old Louis Jordan, disappeared in January after telling his family he was going on a fishing trip on the boat, NBC reports.

The Coast Guard said Thursday night a picture of Jordan's time at sea was beginning to emerge. On Jan. 23 he set sail from South Carolina, heading north. Jordan then decided to head offshore to go fishing, when his mast broke and his communication gear was damaged in a rough storm.

"At that point he became disabled and adrift," Coast Guard Lt. Krysten Pecora said at a news conference outside Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Pecora added that it seemed the storm damage left Jordan unable to communicate back to shore.

Jordan says he survived through a combination of rationing the food he had already packed for the journey, drinking rain water and catching fish with a net, Pecora said.

Investigators say they won't know what happened until they officially interview Jordan, but the marina manager where he stored his boat suggests inexperience may have contributed.

"He might sail up and down the Intercoastal Waterway, but he didn't have the experience he needed to go out into the ocean," the manager tells the AP.

Despite a shoulder injury and extreme dehydration, Jordan is recovering quickly—he was apparently able to walk without assistance almost immediately after reaching land.

[image via AP]

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