If you've ever wondered what it's like to be Keanu Reeves, The Actor in 2014, "it sucks."

Sad-eyed Reeves—making the publicity rounds for John Wick—spilled his sorrows to Indiewire when the interviewer asked why he was making so many independent movies.

You aren't doing many studio movies these days. "John Wick" was produced independently and acquired later by Lionsgate. Do you have a preference for indies over studio projects?

Not really. The last studio movie I did was "47 Ronin," but before that it had been a long time — probably "The Day the Earth Stood Still." So I haven't been getting many offers from the studios.

Are you OK with that?

No, it sucks, but it's just the way it is. You can have positive and negative experiences, but what I like about studios are the resources and the worlds that they can create. Obviously, a lot of good filmmakers work on studio movies. Even when I was working on studio movies more often, I was always doing independent movies. So for me, that was just not happening, but I want to keep going, making things, and telling stories. I want to be able to do that — to be an actor, a director, to produce, you know? If we're going to do a delineation between studio and independent [films], I was always hoping to do both.

Other bummers for Keanu—aside from routinely discovering female intruders in his home—include missing out on a superhero movie franchise.

"I always wanted to play Wolverine. But I didn't get that. And they have a great Wolverine now. I always wanted to play The Dark Knight. But I didn't get that one. They've had some great Batmans. So now I'm just enjoying them as an audience," the Matrix actor told Moviefone in another interview.

[h/t NYDN, image via AP]