The person Ryan Reynolds suffered a rather unusual indignity last weekend, according to Radar Online: a drunk fellow passenger on his Sunday evening flight from New York to New Orleans threw up on him. Reynolds' lovely wife Blake Lively is not believed to have been injured in the incident.

A witness tells Radar that the couple was seated in first class with Reynolds occupying the window seat ("I want to watch the ambitions of the English give way to the dreams of the French, Blake"), a fact confirmed via TwitPic by a mysterious Gossip Girl.

About two-thirds of the way through the flight, as the setting sun cast the patchwork of America's landscape in a dazzling vomit orange light and the sky blew chunks of puffy clouds against the horizon, a passenger in the seat in front of Reynolds turned to her own window and abruptly emptied the contents of her stomach onto it. Reynolds, a victim of Earth's unique physics (and one stranger's airplane nerves), suffered splash back.

“The vomit looked like it was largely made up of red wine, and it made a huge stain on Ryan’s sweater,” says the source. “So he took it off!”

The witness says Reynolds was given some airplane napkins to dab at the puke now spewed across his beige cashmere sweater with an impressionist's flair. He did not make a scene.

“They tried to pretend like nothing happened,” the source explains. “The vomiting was quiet, and I think they were all going to try to just hide what happened, but the smell was rancid! Also, you couldn’t help but notice Ryan taking off his shirt!”

Contrary to the many versions of this story flying around the Internet today, it doesn't sound as though Ryan Reynolds was necessarily FULL-ON SHIRTLESS at any point during the flight. He emerged from the airport later wearing a thin t-shirt. Plus there's always the coarse cilice embroidered with tiny metal spikes and nettle stems he wears against his skin under all garments.

Eagle-eyed readers will note that, in that last set of pictures, Reynolds is shown wearing a cap while wife Lively sports the brown newsboy he wore to board the plane. While the reasons for the switch are unknown, it is possible that Blake Lively simply wanted to wear a vomit-covered hat.

[Image via AP]