Katie Couric interviewed Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Yahoo! recently. The justice talked about her plans to stay on the bench as long as possible, and her disagreements with the majority in Hobby Lobby. That stuff is very serious and important but here's what she also did: she endorsed the Notorious R.B.G. tumblr.

"I haven't seen anything that isn't either pleasing or funny on that website," she tells Couric, saying that her children and grandchildren also love it.


She has created a wonderful thing with Notorious R.B.G.," Ginsburg said of the site. "I will admit I had to be told by my law clerks, what's this Notorious. And they — they explained that to me."

Law clerks, should any of you be reading this: what you need to do now is get her in one of those Notorious R.B.G. t-shirts and put it up on Instagram. The internet will lose its mind, mark my words.

[ Video via Yahoo!, obviously.]