Russia's Federal Space Agency announced Monday that the geckos they deployed to have sex in space had completed their mission ahead of schedule and returned to Earth. Sadly, they were all dead on arrival.

"All the geckos, unfortunately, died," a Roscosmos statement confirmed. The time and cause of death have yet to be determined, the Moscow Times reports.

The sexually adventurous space reptiles first made the news back in July when their Foton -M4 satellite temporarily lost contact with mission control. Although Roscosmos eventually regained the ability to issue commands to the satellite, it's not clear yet whether the mission was a success.

There was no live video from the satellite, so the agency had to wait until it returned to Earth to view the on-board footage. If all went well, the geckos made a sex tape before they tragically perished.

Hopefully the reptiles didn't die in vain—their experiments could shed new light on the effect of zero gravity on reproductive systems, which obviously has major implications for the future of fucking in space.

Scientists have confirmed that a group of flies also onboard the satellite managed to reproduce successfully.

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