Of all the celebrities that dot our colorful earth, it may come as a surprise to some that Australian actor Russell Crowe is very, very good at Twitter. Russell Crowe, isn’t he too busy shearing sheep and tanning leather to bother with tweets? No. And he will not be misquoted by a jokes website.

Clickhole—the beautiful, life-affirming, viral content parody offshoot of The Onion—has a regular series called Find Out What _____ Has to Say. Today, Clickhole claimed to have a quote from Crowe that was very funny and good:

“Whenever I hear an American say Aussies drive on the ‘wrong side of the road,’ I just lose it. You ever think about how those people grew up driving on the ‘wrong side of the road,’ watched a lot of people get hurt on the ‘wrong side of the road,’ die on the ‘wrong side of the road,’ while other people cheered from the ‘right side of the road’? Australia has a thing called Highway Fights, so it’s touchy.”

—Russell Crowe

On cultural differences

Did Russell Crowe say this? No. Did Crowe know that? No. He’s since deleted the tweet, perhaps when a horse whispered into his ear that Clickhole was just messing. Here are a few other good tweets by Russell Crowe:

How could we forget the epic hat tweets, which are cataloged here:

And a warning to all villagers:

Don’t fall for imposters.

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