Former News Corp executive and News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks, who, last year, was found not guilty of hacking a murdered 13-year-old's cell phone, is about to be rehired by her old employer (and possibly lover) Rupert Murdoch, The Guardian reports.

According to The Guardian, Murdoch plans to rehire Brooks "in a permanent position heading up his search for new online investments." Brooks has moved to New York from Oxfordshire with her husband, who was also cleared of charges related to Brooks' arrest, and their daughter.

"She is still trusted and very much held in high regard by Murdoch," an anonymous source told the Daily Mail. "This is a high-status job at the top of the business."

"It is understood her husband, who was also acquitted of charges linked to Brooks's arrest, is hoping to relaunch his career in the horse-racing business in the U.S.," The Guardian reports.

The Guardian reports that Brooks' $7.7 million legal fees will be paid for in part with the $24.8 million severance deal she received, compensating her for the loss of future earnings after resigning as chief executive of News International in 2011.

[Photo credit: AP Images]