Posts from Mizzou students across a variety of social media platforms reflected a campus in turmoil on Tuesday night and into the early hours of Wednesday morning.

On Facebook, student body president Payton Head warned that the KKK had been spotted on campus, advising students to stay away from the windows in residential halls. The student government demanded that the administration cancel classes.

“There’s absolutely nothing to indicate that [the KKK is on campus],” MUPD Maj. Brian Weimer told The Maneater. Head subsequently retracted his earlier claims.

“Some of you are alright. Don’t go to campus tomorrow,” someone wrote on the anonymous app Yik Yak. “Tomorrow mizzou will really make national news.”

(The first part of this message would appear to be a reference to Umpqua Community College shooter Chris Harper-Mercer, who is believed to have written a similar message on the 4chan message board /r9k/: “Some of you guys are alright, don’t go to school tomorrow.”)

“MUPD is aware of social media threats and has increased security,” Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin wrote. “Call 911 immediately if you need help.”

On Twitter, students reported that there was a blue truck was driving around campus, harassing students of color.

Another man was seen stomping around something called the “speaker’s circle,” shouting a racist rant by himself.

Also on Tuesday, a threat was called in to a meeting between the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus and members of the group Concerned Student 1950 at the Black Culture Center, ABC 17 News reports. The building was locked down and MUPD is investigating the call.

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