Photo: AP

Asked whether he would support forcing Muslims on the federal terror watch list “to wear electronic monitoring tags or bracelets,” former New York City Mayor and current Donald Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani praised the concept as “excellent,” reports.

“I would think that’s an excellent idea,” Giuliani told NJ Advance Media at a press conference on Tuesday. “If you’re on the terror watch list, I should know you’re on the terror watch list. You’re on there for a reason.”

At the same event, Giuliani congratulated himself for putting undercover police officers in mosques to monitor Muslims, a practice that was later the subject of a Pulitzer prize-winning AP investigation and an unsuccessful civil rights lawsuit.

“I did it because the 1993 [World Trade Center] bombing was planned in a mosque in Union City, New Jersey, and a second plan was uncovered to bomb our subways, which was foiled,” said Giuliani. “And I kept those police officers in those mosques until I left as mayor.”