North Dakota's most famous food critic is back: Writing for the Grand Forks Herald, Marilyn Hagerty has penned what might be the definitive review of the Ruby Tuesday on 32nd Street in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Hagerty's verdict: It's pretty good.

Her favorite part? Probably the "well-stocked salad bar."

From the extensive garden bar, I chose sliced tomatoes, pickled beets, ham, egg salad, greens, broccoli and edamame. By then, my plate was full, and I joined my group in a booth.

The glass over the salad bar seems to keep the foods protected. And I would go back any time just for the good tastes it offers and the good nutrition there.

But that's not all there is at the Ruby Tuesday's on 32nd Street. There are also menus. So many menus. Almost too many for Hagerty. From the Grand Forks Herald:

The menus, as at many chain restaurants, are almost overwhelming. You get a menu for the day. You get a large appetizers menu. You get a lunch or dinner menu.

Menu situation under control, Hagerty decided on the baked ravioli ($10.99), which she found to be "well-seasoned" and a "very adequate meal."

As for the restaurant's beverages, the fountain drinks were, at $2.49, a bit too pricey for Hagerty, so she stuck with water.

What about the décor, you ask? Worry not, Hagerty has you covered.

I like the cloth-like napkins that come wrapped around the silverware. I did find the carpet sweeper a little off-putting in the early afternoon. And I was disappointed in the ladies room, which needed attention even though it was on a busy day.


I was interested in the tables that look square but have leaves on all four sides that can be turned up to create a round table. The restaurant has appealing art and is tastefully decorated.

Hagerty ended the piece on an informative note.

It is one of more than 800 similar restaurants worldwide and known for its Garden Bar. The name was taken from Rolling Stones song, "Ruby Tuesday."

The Grand Forks Ruby Tuesday is open 11 am-11 pm Monday through Thursday, 11 am to 12 am Friday and Saturday, and 11 am to 10 pm on Sunday.