Ronan Farrow’s new daytime MSNBC show, Ronan Farrow Daily, promises to deliver “Farrow’s fresh, engaging take on the stories and issues of the day.” Conveniently, it also reminds viewers of Farrow’s numerous accomplishments (not including becoming the host of Ronan Farrow Daily).

The rear panels of Ronan’s stage set feature several thematic word clouds superimposed over a world map—“FOREIGN AFFAIRS,” “STAND UP,” “INVOLVE,” “PEACE,” etc.—which also function, if you look closely enough, as Farrow’s visual résumé. In the photo above, you’ll notice “PUBLISHED AUTHOR” splayed across half of Africa (Farrow, who recently profiled Miley Cyrus for W Magazine, is writing a book about military aid) and “LAWYER” positioned on top of Sweden (Farrow is a licensed attorney in New York State).

On Wednesday, Ronan guest and Guardian editor Heidi Moore photographed the word clouds floating above North and South America:

Some highlights:

“DIPLOMAT” (over Canada’s Northwest Territories)

“YALE LAW SCHOOL” (over the length of the U.S.-Canada border)

“ACTIVIST” (over most of America, and portions of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans)

“STATE DEPARTMENT” (over Mexico)

“RHODES SCHOLAR” (over Brazil)

(Here is Farrow’s Wikipedia page, lest you doubt the word cloud’s veracity.)

You will never be Ronan Farrow.

Update, 4:45 PM: A rep for MSNBC tells Gawker: “The words are just general terms about the show. Sometimes they touch on worlds Ronan has moved in as we roll out the show. They mainly focus on the news and the show’s reporting.”