Ronan Farrow—the 25 year-old Rhodes Scholar, Yale Law School grad, UNICEF spokesman, advisor to Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, recognized Twitter user, and son of Mia Farrow and either Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra—has his powder blue eyes fixed on you, TV watcher, right this second. Don’t look away.

Page Six reports that Farrow, born as Satchel, is in talks with the ratings-starved liberal network MSNBC, where Farrow would serve as a roving news correspondent and otherwise be the channel’s token young and hip person among a lineup defined by people like Al Sharpton, Martin Bashir, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Hayes. We anticipate long, meandering takes during which Farrow gazes at the camera, his azure irises smoldering. Should appeal to the Instagram set.

The New York Post pegs this development as a rich, celebrity-bred twenty-something obtaining a coveted on-air slot because of who his parents are, which it definitely is. Although Anderson Cooper, to whom the Post compares Farrow, is not the best example; Luke Russert and Chelsea Clinton are. (Cooper actually has some reporting chops! And precisely the same baby blues.)

Don’t look away.

[Photo credit: Getty Images]