Pretty much everyone agreed that Mittens “Glittens” Romney’s last ditch attempt at dethroning Trump last week was doomed from the beginning. Romney is the very embodiment of the slick GOP establishment Trump is tearing apart—how could a condemnation from him do anything to sway Trump’s supporters? But the worst that could have happened was a waste of Mitt’s time, with no minds changed, so why not? Right? Right?

Wrong, according to a new poll by Morning Consult. Romney’s speech may have repelled Americans so thoroughly that more of them now support Tump. Thirty-one percent of GOP voters were more likely to support Trump after the speech, while just twenty percent were less likely, the poll found. Forty percent said their minds weren’t changed either way.

As you might expect, Mitt fared even more poorly amongst people who already love Donald. Of self-identified Trump supporters, 56 percent were sufficiently riled up to say they were now even more likely to vote for their candidate, while just five percent said they may have changed their minds.

You should have listened to Gawker, Glittens.

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