Mitt Romney’s former aide just accused Donald Trump of openly pandering to “rightwing crazies” during the 2012 election, implying he might have a tape recording of Trump suggesting it as a campaign tactic.

Garrett Jackson, who previously acted as Romney’s body man and best friend forever and ever (the Times once described them as being “stuck together like the peanut butter and honey sandwiches they both love”), tweeted the accusation Thursday evening.

Trump, who has overcome his myriad of inconsistencies this primary so far by denying saying all of the things he’s said, has been having some trouble with the technique of late. This week, BuzzFeed accused Trump of indicating his immigration views were less extreme than his rhetoric suggests during an off-the-record discussion with the New York Times editorial board.

In fact, Trump—who has so far refused calls to authorize the Times to release the tape—actually changed his immigration policy in real time Thursday night during the GOP debate in Detroit.

Trump’s new platform deems Ivy League-educated immigrants eligible for visas (but not Mexicans crossing the border.)

It has not been a good day for Donald Trump.

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