Maybe it's the public begging at awards shows, the entire album he wrote about her, or the new single "Get Her Back," but it seems possible that Robin Thicke might want to get back with his estranged wife, Paula Patton. Just a wild hunch.

And, because he's a white guy in 2014, his game plan—as depicted in the tragic "Get Her Back" video—is to bombard her with sad, yearning text messages.

"I hate myself."

"Can I come see you?"

"I wrote a whole album about you."

The music video version of Paula is unswayed by Thicke's entreaties, but he's never been great at interpreting a "no"—see e.g. "Blurred Lines" (2013)—so he leaves his ex (and his audience) with an ominous final warning: "This is just the beginning."

This is just one of the 14 tracks on Paula, which drops July 1. It's going to be a long summer.

[H/T Vulture]