After covering all the bases in his attempt to win back estranged wife Paula Patton—crying at the BET awards, sending sad texts, writing her a commercially unsuccessful album—Robin Thicke is finally throwing in the towel. Sources "in Thicke's camp" told Perez Hilton the singer knows it's over and has an attorney working on a financial settlement.

Neither side has formally filed for divorce—Thicke reportedly doesn't want to be the one to make that move—but they put their mansion on the market Monday for $3 million (TMZ claims Paula hasn't lived there since February).

Adding insult to injury, this is the moment everyone picked to remind Thicke about his acting debut in the 2012 straight-to-video romcom Making the Rules. He plays an ex-boyfriend who convinces Jaime Pressly to cheat on her husband:

"I don't want anyone to get hurt." "Someone always gets hurt."


[Photo via AP Images]