Real estate developer Douglas Durst says his accused-murderer brother Robert was stalking him around Florida even as episodes of The Jinx began airing on HBO.

In the series, Durst is shown approaching his brother's office (where a uniformed security guard held the crew off) and later, his brother's townhouse, leading to a 2014 arrest for trespass. And he was also lurking around other properties, the family claims.

"We had information that Bob was five or 10 minutes away from my house in Florida," Douglas told the New York Times this week.

On the evening of Feb. 22, relatives staying at Douglas Durst's home in Palm Beach learned that Robert was in Riviera Beach, less than nine miles north, according to Douglas. That night, the third chapter in the documentary was being shown.

The Dursts, members of a New York City real estate dynasty, do not know if he got as far as the Palm Beach house, Douglas said.

"We weren't able to track him that closely, but we were able to see where he had been," Douglas said, declining to say how he knew even that much. "We had to have security staying in the house."

Robert also reportedly turned up at Douglas's Westchester home carrying a gun on at least one other occasion.

The visits apparently scared his brother enough to hire a permanent bodyguard—when asked on film by filmmaker Andrew Jarecki why Douglas felt compelled to protect himself, Robert answered: "Because he's a pussy."

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