Hey Robert Durst kind of loves talking about his dead wife—long before The Jinx premiered, he apparently provided DVD commentary for All Good Things, the 2010 movie about him murdering three people.

Vulture went through the creepiest quotes—and there are many—but chief among them is Durst explaining that although he enjoyed most of the movie about him murdering three people, he has a little problem with the part where he kills a dog named Igor. According to the site, this is also the only thing he "denies" in the entire feature-length film about all the people he's killed.

Durst: This made me feel bad about the movie, Andrew. I mean, the idea that I could kill Igor, I don't like.

Jarecki: Well, there was a lot of discussion about you having had a lot of dogs over the years, a bunch of [which] were named Igor. Someone said to us at one point that you had seven dogs over ten years or something."

Durst: No. We had two Igors before the Igor that lasted forever. One of them got run over, and one of them, when he was a puppy, went out and … ate an apple core. The apple core got stuck in his gut. We did an operation on him, and he died.

Durst is less concerned when asked about his presumed-dead wife, Kathie.

"I've seen the story about the hair two different ways," he says of one scene portrayed in the movie about him murdering three people. "One way, I drag her out of the house by her hair; the other way, I grab her hair and a big chunk comes out. Either way is close enough."

[h/t Vulture, image via AP]

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