According to a media lawyer who has read soon-to-be released police reports, witnesses—including several of the mayor's former staff members—told Toronto Police that they saw Rob Ford drink 20 ounces of vodka, snort cocaine, smoke weed, and take OxyContin while spending time with a suspected prostitute on St. Patrick's Day last year.

Iain MacKinnon, the media lawyer who read the documents, described the reports to the Toronto Sun. One Ford staffer, Issac Ransom, told police that, on the night of March 17, 2012, he saw Ford drink half of a 40 ounce bottle of vodka while hanging out with an escort and talking about how he was going to get laid. Ford was also smoking pot, according to Ransom.

Ransom tried to convince Ford to stay in, but the mayor insisted on going to a St. Patrick's Day event at Bier Markt, a Toronto restaurant, where his night became more debauched. From the Sun:

The waiter said he saw Ford and a woman with their heads down, trying to hide what they were doing, and then heard "two sniffs," according to the documents. He was told by a Ford staffer not to tell anyone what he had seen - which he said confirmed for him that he had seen the mayor do coke.

According to the documents, there were four or five people in the private room including some women who didn't appear to be staffers. About an hour and a half later, the waiter heard that Ford went to the dance floor and pushed people out of the way. The waiter said he later got in trouble from management for telling people Ford did cocaine in the private room of the bar.

When Ford returned to his office after the event, he shoved two staffers who told him he should go home, according to the repot. One of those staffers, Earl Provost, would later say he witnessed Ford taking Oxycontin before the same event.

And there's this:

Ford's staff told police that some women came to the mayor's office saying Ford had told them they could have a job after they smoked joints with him outside of bars, MacKinnon says.

On Wednesday, Justice Ian Nodheimer ruled that some of the redacted sections of the police report, which was used to obtain a search warrant of Ford's friend Alexander Lisi, could be made publicly available. We look forward to reading the rest.

Update: The documents are out! And they're... Well, just read:

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