The Ford brothers reign over Toronto is over. Well, mostly. On Monday, John Tory defeated Rob Ford's brother, Doug, to win Toronto's mayoral election. But Rob Ford, who is still being treated for cancer, isn't done with the city yet: He was reelected to his old city council seat.

Tory, a Progressive Conservative, won 40 percent of the vote, soundly beating Ford (34 percent) and Olivia Chow (23 percent).

Rob Ford, who is technically the city's mayor until December 1, easily won his bid for councilman of Toronto's Ward 2, a position he held for 10 years before being elected mayor in 2010. (Doug Ford has held the position for the past four years).

And the Ford brothers are already eyeing a return to the city's top spot.

"Folks, if you know anything about the Ford family we never ever ever give up," Rob Ford said after learning of his brother's d of . "I guarantee in four more years you're going to see another example of the Ford family never ever ever giving up."

"We today are going to start working for November of 2018. What the exact date will be, I'm not quite sure. October, November — but I know that's going to be a very important date," he added. "I'll continue to fight. I'm just warming up, trust me."

Don't smoke crack.

[Image via AP]