Rob Ford had some good, wholesome fun on Saturday night. At a fundraising event for an organization called The Beat Academy, Toronto's crackhead mayor hilariously jabbed at a drum machine, making his own rap beat.

And he had a lot of fun doing it! In watching Ford's childlike delight at the random jumble of sounds he produced, you get the sense that this is sort of what he imagined being mayor would mean: do cool shit for charity while everyone cheers you. See also: that time he tried to play quarterback.

In the video above, Ford walks to the stage while Pusha T's "Numbers on the Boards" plays. Pusha T, as you may know, was one-half of the rap group The Clipse, who became notorious for rapping strictly and vividly about dealing cocaine. "I got money with the best of 'em," Pusha spits on the track. "Go blow for blow with any Mexican."

No entrance music has ever been more perfect.

[via Noisey + Slava P]