As far as basehead mayor memorabilia goes, the tie Rob Ford wore when he admitted to smoking crack cocaine is hardly a museum piece. It is, however, something you can actually buy and own, one of several personal items Ford put on eBay Wednesday night.

Under the less-than-inspired handle "torontorobford," the former mayor also put some moose print jammie pants, a size 4XL football jersey and a poster that looks like it came from Spencer's Gifts up for auction.

Each item, it seems, has a special connection to the Ford administration. The listing for the pants, for instance, boasts, "These are the print patterned pants that Councillor Rob Ford was seen wearing on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart."

But caveat emptor, eager Rob Ford collectors: torontorobford currently has a feedback score of 0.

[Image via eBay//h/t Mediaite]